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Changing the world by converting waste products from Waste Material into recycled environmentally friendly and innovative products...

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Welcome to Infinite Industries Upcycling

“We strive to make a huge impact to the environment, by converting waste products into recycled environmentally friendly products, which add value to the customer through, safety, ease of handling, value for money and ultimately fulfilling their social responsibility to the country, through job creation and living in dignity.”

Making magic Happen
Our awesome team takes your waste and converts it into the most amazing eco friendly products. From low cost housing, roofing, desks, chairs, signage and replace anything that is made from wood
Healthy and Durable
Using our product as a replacement means that plastic will far outlast wood and has far more benefits. While at the same time none of what we use is toxic and 100% Eco Friendly.
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Infinite Industries

To date has Recycled in 2019

Not only do we recycle this waste, we also turn them in to amazing products and artwork.
Tons of waste

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Reduce Plastic Waste. Create Wealth

Infinite Industries (Pty) Ltd is a high growth business that uses 'unrecyclable' plastic waste to produce eco-friendly construction materials. With a R150 million confirmed sales pipeline they're only getting started. They're looking for capital to scale. Own shares in an eco-tech business.
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did you know?

you are responsible for your waste

Did you know that you are responsible for your waste - either during production or after the consumer as utilised your product. 
You can read more about it here
Don't be fined when your product is found on landfills, get Infinite Industries involved to help collect and recycle. Get in touch to find out more on how IIndustries can help you.

by law all companies need to control their waste - Infinite can help with that

Projects and Products

Formed in early 2007, Infinite Industries was founded by Hugo Infante and Maggie Bozic Infante. Hugo having come from a diverse background, brought key product innovation to the company whilst Maggie having completed an honors degree in Marketing, focused on market research, sales and customer service.

Recycled plastic boards

Infinite Industries manufacture Recycled Plastic Boards with various finishes.

Recycled plastic roofing sheets

The qualities of our Recycled Plastic Roofing Sheets are far more superior that any other roofing sheet available.

Cable Trench Protective Tiles/pipe protection tiles

Our protective tiles are the most cost effective and timeous way to protect your cables or pipes.

Decorative boards

Our Recycled Plastic Boards can be transformed into artwork, trellises, partitioning and headboards to name a few, in various colours.

Low cost housing/guardhouses/spaza or tuckshops

Our low cost houses/guard houses are waterproof, weatherproof and require zero maintenance.

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Projects & Products

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SAPRO Silver Award 2017

The Recycled Plastic Product of the Year Awards was held for the first time in 2010 and has been dubbed “The Oscars of the plastics recycling industry.” In 2017, we received a nomination from one of our customers and were happy to be told that 3 of our products made it as finalists in that year’s competition.

Infinite Industries proudly won the Silver Award and the People’s Choice for the Evening.

Article in the Benoni City Times

Infante’s recycling company recently won the Silver Award for its recycled plastic cable trench tile and The People’s Choice Award for its recycled plastic manholes and covers at the South African Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) Sixth award ceremony held at Emperors Palace. The awards from the SAPRO acknowledge companies that make an impact Within the recycled plastic industry.

“We buy our recycled plastic already collected, washed, compacted, chopped into pellets, extruded, and ready for us to transform back into something useful,” said Infante. But she does not do this alone.
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Award Winning New

Recyclable Materials

The Impact We've Made

What clients, customers, and recycling enthusiasts had to say
  • Well done to the Infinite team, they must us some awesome office desks, that really make our agency stand out and different.
    Hugo is very innovative and made us an awesome custom solution to our office space and size.
    Keep up the good work, and the help your doing for the community.
    Byron Massolini
    The Wikid Agency
  • Dear Maggie,
    I do really appreciate your prompt services in terms of responding to us, you were absolutely prompt in delivering the materials ahead of schedule.You have never delayed the delivery.You are one of the most wonderful vendor I have ever dealt. I certainly wish to avail your services for our future Projects as well.You deserve all appreciation……….I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
    Syed Aijazuddin Shahnawaz
    Sr Manager at Chemie Tech
  • For years Nampak has been in existence, we struggle with waste, there were no reclying firms that could assist us due to the nature of products we run. One option was the landfill, which was causing harm to the environment. Infinite came on board and offered a solution that offered a 360 degree turn to our nightmares, they innovatively introduced products that are environmentally friendly and offered zero landfill solution. Their philosophy of anything plastic is recyclable is an answer not only to us but to the globe, a solution to humanity and marine life.
    Washington Bvitira
    Plant Manager | Nampak Rigids

Changing the World

The awards and recognition from 2017, created a shift in our vision for the company. It opened up the possibility that we can do more and perhaps even change lives??? A year of intense market research ensued and brought us to where we want to take our company. We identified a currently under utilised product in the recycling waste stream. waste packaging. Only 11% of this kind of waste material is recycled worldwide. After researching what other countries were doing with converting waste into innovative products, we decided to look into making a difference in the South African market. This led us to opening a new company, whose entire focus would be to market recycling of waste materials and educating the South Africans into the possibilities of recycling this product.

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    Unit 2 Colgray Park, 32 Christopher Street, Boksburg East



    Maggie - 082 492 0393
    Hugo - 084 888 9999
    Office - 084 222 2235

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    "We strive to make a huge impact to the environment, by converting waste products into recycled environmentally friendly products, which add value to the customer through, safety, ease of handling, value for money and ultimately fulfilling their social responsibility to the country, through job creation and living in dignity."
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